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Pound for Pound MMA Team Triumphs during Aggrelin 7 in Munich

Whilst crossing the Rubicon Julius Caesar is supposed to have said: alea iacta est or ‘the die is cast’. Which is another way of saying that once the first step has been taken into a certain direction, you have to wait and see what happens next. The same was true for three MMA fighters from Pound for Pound coached and trained by Sergio Zimmermann Canudo and Andreas Selak: Filip Bradaric, Alexander Poppeck and Maicon Silva. Their dices were cast during a MMA Cage fight tournament called Aggrelin 7 in Backstage the 12th of April 2015 in Munich. There were, in various weight classes, ten fights in total: each fight had three rounds lasting for five minutes. For me it was the first time that I ever witnessed such an event in real life. We have probably all seen some UFC fights on TV or the internet, but just standing there almost touching the cage itself is something completely different. It is hard to express in words how excited I was. Especially because I would support and cheer for three guys from my own team, people you know, people you talk to and people you roll with. The atmosphere in Backstage was tantalizing the senses. You could feel the excitement all around you. Many a person was impatiently waiting for the fights to begin. It began all right: a blue light was shining in one corner of the cage and signaled the arrival of one of the two fighters. Accompanied by invigorating music the fighter was checked by the referee and made his way into the cage. Then, a red...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Commitment & Sacrifices

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Commitment & Sacrifices   As far back as I can remember anything that wasn’t 9-5, 11-7, 8-4 or whatever hours are considered “working” was considered frivolous. If it wasn’t education or employment oriented, wellll many people considered those other activities frivolous, a hobby or a waste of time. When I was training for marathons & other races I remember a family member telling me how wonderful it was that I had an “activity” to keep me busy. I always considered my dedication, hard work & commitment to set PRs more than a hobby or activity to “keep me busy.” I may not have been first but I was accomplishing something and reaching or surpassing my goals. So now Brazilian jiu-jitsu is my focus and I’m finding more and more people do not understand that this is a lifestyle. Again, not a hobby or busy bee activity. And I don’t mean that you have to compete, win, or crush every roll with friends & teammates for it to be your Lifestyle. If you’re dedicated, putting the time on the mats, gaining knowledge and moving forward in your journey then you have decided that brazilian jiu jitsu is for you, and are embracing all it has to offer. It’s a lifestyle, in that you must be disciplined in order to progress and grow. Now we could compare to the other end of the spectrum; those people who party, make it their life’s mission to get wasted every weekend, drink like there’s no tomorrow & forget their inhibitions. I guess that’s their lifestyle. I’m not judging, but simply pointing...