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2017: IBJJF German National Championship

IBJJF German National



Kimberlj Boehm

On the 7th of October 2017 the first ever IBJJF German National Championships took place in Berlin.

For the Pound for Pound Team it was a pleasure to witness how much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing in Germany and it felt epic to share this historical moment with around 500 athletes who fought with all their souls on the (first time) 8 mats and filled up the hall with an indescribable energy.

As all of us know, life sometimes gives you lemons and some of our teammates weren’t able to join us on the battlefield this time so we went to the big city with only 20 fighters – fighters who came all the way not afraid to deal with hardships and failures, fighters with their hearts filled with passion and the focus on our mission.

Even our chance to get the team win wasn`t auspicious, we didn`t lost our faith.

The lowest chance is still a chance if we have the courage to take it.

Believe: check; Optimism: check; Commitment: check; Dedication: check; Hope: check;

We fought until the end with the support and loyalty of our Pound for Pound family from all over the world and made the 2nd team place in the overall Gi division!

This outstanding performance of 21 titles with only 20 fighters speaks for itself
(8x 1st place / 6x 2nd place / 7x 3rd place)

Grateful for our team win we brought the trophy to the place where it belongs, a place where we train hard on our weaknesses, sweat together on the mats and work through our emotional ups & downs – this place we call home.

HOME, where people are waiting who cheer for you, believe in you and lift you up when nobody else does it. This every-day-heroes who come to the gym without complaining even if they`re tired, injured, sad or unmotivated…people who challenge you and get the best out of you, people who help each other sharpen their skills and overcome obstacles.

This people we call FAMILY – A family that makes us strong and we are truly thankful for because nobody can improve alone, nobody can fight alone and nobody can win alone.

„As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.“ Proverbs 27:17