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2018: IBJJF European Championship

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IBJJF Europeans



Kimberlj Boehm

„…and that’s the way it is in the ring. Who ever shows up on the way in, is going to have to fight against my fighters.” Carlson Gracie Sr. 

The IBJJF European Championship is the second largest BJJ tournament in the world. Thousands of athletes are traveling every year to Lisbon to fight for the titles. As well it is really important for us to participate, show our flag and represent our roots.

This year we had the honour to fight the 2018 Europeans united with our friends and family from all over the world as a Carlson Gracie Team!

101 bull dogs stepped on the mats and fought their battles to keep the legacy alive, dedicate this special time in the year to give back and show our greatfulness for our Masters, who paved the way for us. This was our big chance to prove our words with the matching actions, the behave that reflects and at the same time creates our loyalty to the team.

The mats are the fields where the real team loyalty is shown, our fighting army of coaches and teammates who have faith in each other and trust in our training, the faithfulness to our commitments which doesn’t let us give up and the bond between us which gives us the strength to fight until the end and make every second count.

This is what our Master Sergio Zimmermann is chasing with our international Pound for Pound Team: connecting people from different countries like Germany, Portugal, Italy, Bosnia and many more, who have the same ideals, interests, and belief, who pursue the same goals and are willing to work to make this world a better place and give us a better life through the values of the BJJ.

People who „speak“ the same language on the mats and understand each other without the necessity of using words.

The reward of our loyalty are 8 European Championship Medals (4x GOLD, 1x SILVER, 3x BRONZE) but even more, it is the pride to be part of that family, the fact that we gave everything we could on the mats and the lessons we have learned which already makes us better than yesterday.

One of the greatest fighters of human rights, Mr. Nelson Mandela, once said:
„After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb“
One more hills is done but our feet are not tired yet.

The IBJJF Munich Open is already calling and we are ready to defend our title and represent our house again this Sunday!

We would like to thank everybody who took part of that tournament, all fighters, teammates, trainers, families and friends, and especially our beloved brothers and sisters who couldn’t fight with us because sometimes life gives us battles we have to win outside of the mats.

Thank you all for the loyalty, strength & support!

See you all soon on the mats!