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CORONA UPDATE 18.03.2020

Corona Update


This goes out to all our PFP Gym members!

As everybody is aware of the current limitations due to the Coronavirus prevention, we would like to be open with you about the influence, the requirements of the higher authorities will have on our Gym.

In accordance with the orders of the respective state authorities for the containment of the Coronavirus, our Pound for Pound Gym will be temporary closed until 19. of April 2020 (as it`s prescribed for now), as any other sport studios and fitness clubs in the city too.

Of course this was a difficult decision for us and we are sad about it since everybody who is healthy would like to train, but to stay in a healthy condition and prevent further infections, it is necessary that we comply with the official and legal requirements.

At this time we have to think about the global health and take our responsibility to minimise the risk of infection not only for us and our families, but for everyone, especially the people who are facing much more difficulties to fight the virus like many older people have to do so.

This will be a challenge for everybody in all sectors of our society. We need to help each other to save our future and therefore it`s necessary to think solidary.

Please keep in mind that the fixed, maintenance and additional costs of the gym will keep running normally while its closed. Additionally we want to offer our Team and Trainers a financial security since they also have to keep paying bills and bring food on the table so we will continue paying their salaries. This can be only achieved if we keep charging the membership fee for April and with the consideration of one another. In this extraordinary situation we all need to help together, to be able to continue where we stopped and we hope for your understanding.

However, we also understand that some people will be financially squeezed during this crisis and since we don’t want to cause additional difficulties in special cases, we are open to support you during this time. Don’t forget that at Pound for Pound we are more than a simple gym, we are a family with a huge network willing to help each other. If you have any doubts please contact us and send an email to canudobjj@gmail.com.

We know that this requires many sacrifices from our members so we are continuously thinking about what we can keep doing for you during the closing.

First, we will use the time to make a deep cleaning in the gym plus we will keep disinfecting it with regularity while its not in use to keep it a clean and safe environment for our members.

Secondly, we decided to give all our members free access for our BJJ ONLINE ACADEMY during the time the gym stays closed.

There is no sign up necessary, just click on the link below and browse through our „BJJ LIBRARY“.


Members who have a monthly subscription on our BJJ Online Academy will be refunded for March/April.

Again, we would like you all to take the responsibility of prevention and don’t meet in private groups to train. Train your mind, repeat techniques, do single drills and workouts.

Plus we would like to offer you a fair solution, so we will credit you for the duration time you couldn’t use our gym during the closing at the end of your membership.

We would like to thank you all for your loyalty, your understanding and your support in this hard times. We promise to do everything in our power to open the doors asap.

We hope you all stay healthy, positive, and that we can see us soon again on the mats!