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2018: IBJJF World Master Championship

Big thanks to Flograppling for honouring our Master Sergio Canudo Zimmermann for his performance at the 2018 IBJJF World Master Championship and for giving attention to some legends of the sport. to read the full article from flograppling click here AND AGAIN… 1 MAN AND THE FABULOUS 5 by Kimberlj Boehm   5 standout fights by Sergio Canudo Zimmerman at the IBJJF World Master Championship. 5 wins, 5 submissions and a total fight time of 9 min, 53 sec. No opponent could score one single point against him, not even an advantage. Canudo finished all of his fight by submission: 2 arm bars, 2 wrist locks and one Ezekiel choke. One more time our Master Sergio Canudo Zimmermann proofed, that everything is possible if you are willing to work for it, if you believe in yourself and what you are doing, and if you have the patience and persistence to walk the long way until the finish line regardless of the circumstances around you. As Master Carlson Gracie Sr. said: „There is no reward without sacrifices“ For Canudo a long journey of preparation including hard training, intensive workouts, low food intake and struggles with multiple injuries ended with successfully accomplishing his mission. Focusing and working on his goal whilst keeping his academy active, paying attention on the development of his students, organizing tournaments, working close together with the Pound for Pound affiliates and holding seminars all over the world, he achieved what for the crowd sounds impossible.  Faith, trust, discipline, dedication and hard work at the end paid back the more than well-earned reward!  Congratulations one more time to...

Neuer Trainingsplan & neue Trainingsstruktur!

Ab dem 06. August starten wir mit unserer neuen BJJ Trainingsstruktur und haben unseren Trainingsplan dementsprechend angepasst. Wir haben unser Trainingsprogramm umstrukturiert um unseren BJJ-Schülern einen noch besseren Lernerfolg zu ermöglichen und für alle Beginnern einen optimalen Einstieg zu gewähren.   Das BJJ Training wird in 3 Trainingskategorien unterteilt: BJJ Essentials Das Essentials Training richtet sich speziell an komplette Neueinsteiger und Anfänger mit einem Weissgurt bis zu 2 Streifen. Die technischen Grundlagen des BJJ werden optimal vermittelt, spezifische Bewegungsabläufe trainiert und ein erstes Verständnis aufgebaut um  eine solide Basis zu bilden an die im Anschluss mit fortschreitenden Techniken und Strategien angeknüpft wird.         BJJ Intermediate Das Intermediate Training richtet sich an Schüler aller Gürtelfarben ab Weissgurt mit 2 Streifen. Es werden die technischen Grundlagen erweitert, Technikabfolgen und Kontertechniken trainiert und der Fokus auf wichtige Details gelegt.           BJJ Advanced Das Advanced Training ist ausschließlich für Schüler ab Blaugurt aufwärts. Das Training ist ähnlich konzipiert wie bei den Intermediate Trainingseinheiten, nur auf einem technisch nochmals fortgeschritteneren Level. Es wird gezielt an strategischen Vorgehensweisen und der technischen Umsetzung gearbeitet.       Bei Fragen sind wir Euch gerne jederzeit behilflich!  ...

2018: IBJJF European Championship

    WE ARE CARLSON GRACIE… by Kimberlj Boehm   „…and that’s the way it is in the ring. Who ever shows up on the way in, is going to have to fight against my fighters.” Carlson Gracie Sr.  The IBJJF European Championship is the second largest BJJ tournament in the world. Thousands of athletes are traveling every year to Lisbon to fight for the titles. As well it is really important for us to participate, show our flag and represent our roots. This year we had the honour to fight the 2018 Europeans united with our friends and family from all over the world as a Carlson Gracie Team! 101 bull dogs stepped on the mats and fought their battles to keep the legacy alive, dedicate this special time in the year to give back and show our greatfulness for our Masters, who paved the way for us. This was our big chance to prove our words with the matching actions, the behave that reflects and at the same time creates our loyalty to the team. The mats are the fields where the real team loyalty is shown, our fighting army of coaches and teammates who have faith in each other and trust in our training, the faithfulness to our commitments which doesn’t let us give up and the bond between us which gives us the strength to fight until the end and make every second count. This is what our Master Sergio Zimmermann is chasing with our international Pound for Pound Team: connecting people from different countries like Germany, Portugal, Italy, Bosnia and many more, who have...

2017: IBJJF German National Championship

    IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT´S DONE by Kimberlj Boehm     On the 7th of October 2017 the first ever IBJJF German National Championships took place in Berlin. For the Pound for Pound Team it was a pleasure to witness how much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing in Germany and it felt epic to share this historical moment with around 500 athletes who fought with all their souls on the (first time) 8 mats and filled up the hall with an indescribable energy. As all of us know, life sometimes gives you lemons and some of our teammates weren’t able to join us on the battlefield this time so we went to the big city with only 20 fighters – fighters who came all the way not afraid to deal with hardships and failures, fighters with their hearts filled with passion and the focus on our mission. Even our chance to get the team win wasn`t auspicious, we didn`t lost our faith. The lowest chance is still a chance if we have the courage to take it. Believe: check; Optimism: check; Commitment: check; Dedication: check; Hope: check; We fought until the end with the support and loyalty of our Pound for Pound family from all over the world and made the 2nd team place in the overall Gi division! This outstanding performance of 21 titles with only 20 fighters speaks for itself (8x 1st place / 6x 2nd place / 7x 3rd place) Grateful for our team win we brought the trophy to the place where it belongs, a place where we train hard on our...

2017: IBJJF International Zürich Open & UAEJJF Zagreb Pro Championship

ALWAYS CONNECTED by Kimberlj Boehm   There exist a well-known proverb about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its positive affect on social relationships that says „bjj connects people“. This May our team fought on different fronts in different countries at the same time so we couldn’t stay all together physically, but we fought with the force of our team connected in our minds and hearts. Team spirit has no boundary, so we all stepped on the battlefield with the united power of our Pound for Pound family. Of course everyone of us went into the fight with his or her individual goals, but we walked the walk together, striving in the same direction to give our best, have fun and enjoy the moment. In overall we came back home with 3 medals from Zurich and one medal from Zagreb as well, plus one of our brothers won the ticket to the Grand Slam Tournament in London next year. All of us fought good fights, some won and some lost, mostly very close by points. But it`s not all about the medals. A gold medal is beautiful thing, but if you`re not enough without it, you will be never enough with it. The real fight was fought every day in the preparation and our toughest opponents were the people we saw every day in the mirror. The effort is between you and you, coming to the gym every day sweating your ass off, no matter if you had a hard day at work, dealing with pressure or adversity, no matter if you`re sick, injured or tired. A true champion wins in his...

2016: IBJJF International Zürich Open

  BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE how it tastes to win or loose by Kimberlj Boehm   Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and belongs to the places with the highest standard of living worldwide. The term standard of living is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life. Individuals – those with individual passions and peculiarities, which leads us to the topic: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – a special individuality that flows through our veins, connect us deeply within and one another and for which we take emotional and physical hurdles again and again – because we love to do it! On May 9th and 10th, 2016 the annual IBJJF Zurich Open took place and the Pound For Pound Team went there with 15 fighters. For some it was the very first tournament, a few others extended their first experience in a new belt division, some of us fought in a totally new weight class and had to face opponents with different size and therefore new physics. Seen overall we all strove for the same objectives: exceed limits, control our thoughts, overcome fear, bring the best possible performance, test our skills, have fun, keep together and never give up! The most notable motivation for all of us was definitely our professor, Sergio ‚Canudo‘ Zimmermann, who due to an injury had to accept a loss after being undefeated for several years. Despite strong pain he fought for our team until the last second of the match. He made the 2nd place in his division, but he stepped off the mat as a winner. Most people would give up at...