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MMA Training für Teenager

NEU: MMA für Teenager

Ab sofort bieten wir 2 mal pro Woche auch MMA Training speziell für Teenager an.
Innerhalb des Trainings werden die Grundkenntnisse verschiedenster Disziplinen wie Boxen, Ringen und Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vermittelt wodurch es einen optimalen Einstieg in den ganzheitlichen Kampfsport bietet.



Unser Trainingsplan

BJJ ESSENTIAL: Dieser Kurs ist nur für Anfänger mit einem Weissgurt bis zu 2 Streifen. BJJ INTERMEDIATE: Dieser Kurs ist für alle Schüler ab einem Weissgurt mit 2 Streifen. 

MORGENTRAINING UND SONNTAG: An den Kursen in der Früh sowie am Sonntag können alle BJJ-Schüler teilnehmen. 

Melde Dich hier für Dein kostenloses Probetraining an!

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2019: IBJJF Munich International Open

AND STILL…THE BEST TEAM! by Kimberlj Boehm   On 13th of April the IBJJF MUNICH INTERNATIONAL OPEN took place again at the TSV Unterhaching and we went on the line with around 70 fighters to defend our Team Title. 70 people who created this incredible power and energy which defines the difference of our Team, makes it strong in the way of a family and let us win: 8x Gold, 15x Silver and 14x Bronze in the Gi, and 9x Gold, 4x Silver and 4x Bronze in the NoGi Tournament. Plus we achieved our biggest goal and brought home the IBJJF Munich International Open Double Team Win with 188 points in the Gi and 84 points in the NoGi Tournament, a number double as high as from the 2nd places in both categories. But great results like this can’t be achieved alone. As we always say, Jiu Jitsu is a Team Sport. Every individual counts, and for every individual the whole team counts.  We all have to walk our pebbly way, especially in the tough beginnings, but through the help of our professors and team members we develop, we learn and understand every day a bit more until we find ourself helping and teaching the following generations. As we receive, we give back. As we start as students, we continue as teachers, and that is the circle of Jiu Jitsu, like the circle of life. We are responsible for the future of our legacy and to keep it alive, we cannot only leave foot marks, we have to plant seeds. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.... read more