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Unser Trainingsplan



BJJ ESSENTIAL: Dieser Kurs ist nur für Anfänger mit einem Weissgurt bis zu 2 Streifen.

BJJ INTERMEDIATE: Dieser Kurs ist für alle Schüler ab einem Weissgurt mit 2 Streifen. 

BJJ ADVANCED: Dieser Kurs ist nur für Schüler ab dem Blaugurt.

MORGENTRAINING UND SONNTAG: An den Kursen in der Früh sowie am Sonntag können alle BJJ-Schüler teilnehmen. 


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2018: IBJJF World Master Championship

Big thanks to Flograppling for honouring our Master Sergio Canudo Zimmermann for his performance at the 2018 IBJJF World Master Championship and for giving attention to some legends of the sport. to read the full article from flograppling click here AND AGAIN… 1 MAN AND THE FABULOUS 5 by Kimberlj Boehm   5 standout fights by Sergio Canudo Zimmerman at the IBJJF World Master Championship. 5 wins, 5 submissions and a total fight time of 9 min, 53 sec. No opponent could score one single point against him, not even an advantage. Canudo finished all of his fight by submission: 2 arm bars, 2 wrist locks and one Ezekiel choke. One more time our Master Sergio Canudo Zimmermann proofed, that everything is possible if you are willing to work for it, if you believe in yourself and what you are doing, and if you have the patience and persistence to walk the long way until the finish line regardless of the circumstances around you. As Master Carlson Gracie Sr. said: „There is no reward without sacrifices“ For Canudo a long journey of preparation including hard training, intensive workouts, low food intake and struggles with multiple injuries ended with successfully accomplishing his mission. Focusing and working on his goal whilst keeping his academy active, paying attention on the development of his students, organizing tournaments, working close together with the Pound for Pound affiliates and holding seminars all over the world, he achieved what for the crowd sounds impossible.  Faith, trust, discipline, dedication and hard work at the end paid back the more than well-earned reward!  Congratulations one more time to... read more